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Quick Hits: Stuff of Interest to Me

Here’s a quick look of stories and events currently of interest to me:

Seoul city plans to designate female only subway cars in an effort to deal with the growing number of sexual assault allegations by women. (Matt Douma / For the Times / August 8, 2011)

Checks will be made upon boarding. It’s not groping, just gender testing:

My news aggregator on my phone this morning lead me to this article in the LA Times. I was somewhat surprised to see it being reported in a Western source at all, but especially reporting it as a plan being implemented rather than one just discussed as I had last heard in Korean sources.

Regardless, I doubt it will really happen and even if it does women-only subway cars are far from effective. This particular plan as stated in the story of only having these cars run late at night doesn’t even address the problem. Without a doubt groping, touching and other pervy behavior occurs on crowded subways and it does need to be addressed, so how does having these cars on the uncrowded, late-night runs help the matter?

Not to mention the fact that while, on the surface, these cars seem like a good idea and may lower the possibility of molestation, it doesn’t address the core issue of some men believing this behavior is alright. It can be argued that these cars give the perverts a pass, accepting that they can’t be expected to control themselves around women and therefor the women have to be segregated. While I can only speak from my perspective (a male one), it also seems like a backhanded nicety, similar to the women only parking spaces at department stores. Women can’t be expected to park in a normal, man-sized spaced, so they need to be given a special area with larger spaces just for them. It may be nice, but it’s a bit of an insult if you really think about it. Additionally, just like the parking spaces, on the subway when push comes to shove (literally) men are going to ignore the rules and use the cars as well.

While I can go on for a good bit on how society and cultural norms need to change in Korea to really improve this situation, the quick solution is not segregation, but rather education, monitoring and enforcement. It needs to be made very clear that subway touching is a crime (via the on-train media) and that those caught will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. These laws should include jail time and examples should be made of the perverts to show others that they won’t be excused. While I know this wouldn’t solve the problem completely, it at least should make offenders think twice.

Just goes to show my belief that MOST people in jail do actually belong there.

About a month back, the kblogs lit up with the story of Andre Fisher, a USFK soldier convicted of robbery and sentenced to 2 years in prison. Much of the controversy began with an article in a local paper from Fisher’s hometown with information taken from his family and friends as well as a local news story that quickly followed. Some in the bloggosphere were quick to jump on the “Korea is racist” bandwagon and accepted the story at face value that an innocent man was in prison because of the color of his skin. GI Korea over at ROKDrop, one of the best blogs around the only one really worth reading concerning US military matters in Korea, was one of the skeptics and took an almost unheard of step, actually researching the story (see here and above). Turns out not only did the sweet and completely innocent young man resist arrest and smash up a police car during the Nov. 2010 taxi incident, while he was free awaiting trial (not in prison the whole time as the family claimed) he drunkenly keyed up cars, resisted arrest AGAIN and tore up a police station. Add that to making up people to blame (an English teacher as it were) and I think you see why he received jail time rather than the usual suspended sentence. I wouldn’t recommend trying to point these things out on the “Free Andre Fisher” facebook group, as facts even from those who support the case aren’t welcomed.

Once again I have to thank ROKDrop for really taking the time and getting to the bottom of this story.

Why didn’t I hear about this on ESPN? 

Recently, I found out that my very own Yeosu will be hosting the World Roller Speed Skating Championships, an event that I am sure will be remembered for the ages. The link above will take you to the very nice looking website where one can get information about the event, specifically saying “Welcome to 2011 World Roller Speed Skating Championships” over and over. Seriously though, this is pretty interesting and should get Yeosu a bit of notice among an international, if very niche, group. By the numbers dozens of of countries will be participating, going for medals in numerous team and individual events from August 30th to September 5th. This (and other events such as the World Youth Festival that took place a couple weeks back) are really all in preparation of Expo 2012 and while I doubt roller speed skating will do much to raise the profile of Yeosu, it certainly can’t hurt.





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