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KTO Tourism Videos: Please Watch and Take a Quick Survey

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Recently, I have been asked to put together a short piece on the effectiveness of Korea tourism promotional efforts. It would help me out greatly if all readers would watch the four short videos below and share their impression on a brief survey HERE.

I have no affiliation with the KTO and data from this survey will be used solely to help me put together an article for a business and economic discussion on Korea Business Central. Thanks for your time and participation.


Video 1: “Come! See! Play!”


Video 2: “Charm Lee – Head of KTO”


Video 3: “Traditional Korean Experience”


Video 4: “The More You Know, The More You Want to Know”


Again, the survey can be done HERE. It’s my first attempt at such a survey, so don’t expect to much. Just a brief form to register some opinions. Also if you have any other thoughts or comments to share, please feel free to converse below.